(July 5, 2017) – To enhance the level of competition at The Double Pump Summer Tip-Off next week, the 17U Division will see a slight change in the tournament format.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 17U will have 4 sub-divisions of 32 teams:  17U Open, 17U Platinum, 17U Gold, 17U Silver
  • Each sub-division will be grouped in 4-team pools (8 pools, 4 teams each)
  • All teams will go through pool play (3 guaranteed games)
  • The winning teams of each pool in the Platinum, Gold and Silver sub-divisions will advance up one sub-division for bracket play and the teams that come in last place in the Open, Platinum and Gold sub-divisions will drop down one division for bracket play.


The 8 teams in the Open sub-division that finish in last place in pool play will drop down to the Platinum sub-division for bracket play.  The 8 teams in the Platinum sub-division that win their pools advance up to the Open sub-division for bracket play.  The same is repeated for the Gold and Silver sub-divisions.  All teams will then get seeded accordingly once bracket play begins.

Given that the standings will determine a team’s placement in bracket play, all Coaches must review the Tournament Games Rules, specifically the Tie-Breaker Rule, which is outlined on the Double Pump website under the Summer Tip-Off details page.


Final pool standings are determined by the win-loss records within the same pool.  Tie breaking procedures are as follows:

(1)  Head-to-head competition in a two-way tie

(2)  Point differential in all pool games with a maximum of 15 points (10 points for a forfeit)

(3)  Defensive points allowed in all pool games

Once the highest place team is determined by the process above, the sequence is repeated one step at a time beginning with the win-loss record until all places are determined.  If all categories do not determine the order of finish, a coin toss is utilized as a final step.

We love this format and believe it will intensify the competition and give all teams the chance to advance up to play stronger teams, increasing their exposure in front of the College Coaches!

The Double Pump Summer Tip-Off starts on Thursday, July 13, 2017 through Sunday, July 16, 2017 at the American Sports Centers in Anaheim, CA.  For more information, please visit