(March 21, 2017) – Double Pump just received notice from the NCAA Enforcement Certification Approvals Group (“ECAG”) that the Spring Hoop Fest (April 28-30, 2017) application has been APPROVED.

The ECAG is the department within the NCAA that oversees high school events, camps, leagues and tournaments held during the NCAA live evaluation period.   In order for college coaches and recruiters to attend events during the evaluation period, Event Operators must submit an application and abide by the guidelines set forth in the ECAG MANUAL at least 45 days prior to the start of the events (no exceptions, no excuses).  Upon submission of the application, ECAG will review and will notify the Event Operators of any questions or requests for clarification before they render a decision.

If it were that easy.  Within 60 days upon conclusion of the event, Operators must submit a post-event review to ECAG.  In this review, they will look to see that the Operator, Coaches and Teams did not violate any of the rules and regulations outlined in the ECAG MANUAL.  If not, the Operator maintains certification.  If so, they are required to submit explanations to any inquiries.

The certification process can be tedious and it’s the responsibility of all Operators to make sure they are fully aware of the rules and that they adequately communicate the rules to the travel team coaches and players.  By not doing so, Operators are at risk of losing their certification for a period of up to five years as well as the coaches.